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Doctor Profile

Dr. Amit K Vyas

Dr. Amit K Vyas, FISSH

7+ Years Of Experience

Consultant: Hand,Wrist,Upper Extremity & Peripheral Nerve Surgery - Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur

Hand,Wrist,Upper Extremity & Peripheral Nerve Surgery

OPD Schedule - +91 141 254 7000

M.S.( Orthopaedics), F.N.B. (Hand & Microsurgery), FISSH( Paediatric Hand Surgery)

Dr. Amit K Vyas specialises in all hand, wrist & upper extremity surgeries. His special interest in brachial plexus, perepheral nerve surgeries, trauma reconstruction replantation, free tissue transfers and microvascular surgery.He also expertises in congenital hand anomalies,  birth brachial plexus injuries and cerebral palsy of hand.