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Dr. Amitabh Parti

Dr. Amitabh Parti , MD

21+ Years Of Experience

Senior Consultant and Unit Head - Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurgaon

Internal Medicine

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Dr. Amitabh Parti is a Senior Consultant and Unit Head –Internal Medicine at Fortis Medical Research Institute, Gurgaon. He was a gold Medalist in his MBBS program and carries with him a rich 18 years of post-specialization experience in managing outpatient as well as complex in-patient ailments including Cardiac, diabetic, Pulmonary and tropical disease related illnesses. Apart from Hospital patient care his forte has been Corporate Health care management- from providing MI rooms to Health surveillance programs, Emergency evacuation and Triage management, Recruitment medical and fitness evaluation including Annual health screening portfolios.  He is an empanelled Physician for large corporates including Engineers India ltd., Ballarpur Industries ltd, Make my Trip, Indus towers, Ibis Hotels to name a few.