Doctor Profile

Dr. Atul Gupta

Dr. Atul Gupta, M Ch.

5+ Years Of Experience

Consultant, Pediatric Surgery Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur

Paediatrics and Neonatology

OPD Schedule - +91 141 254 7000

Dr. Atul Gupta specializes in neonatal a Paediatric minimal invasive (laparoscopic) surgieries covering a range of diverse surgeries like peadiatric cancer surgeries, peadiatric urologic surgeries, paediatric accidents and trauma services, peadriatric thoracic surgeries, neonatal and paediatric head & neck, soft tissue, gastrointestinal surgeries and repair of congenital birth defects. Earleir in his career he has shouldered the responsibility of senior registrar in the Department of Neonatal and Paediatric Surgery at SMS medical collage, Jaipur.