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Doctor Profile
Dr. Charu Jora Goyal

Dr. Charu Jora Goyal, DNB

7+ Years Of Experience

Head of the Department - Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh

Dr Charu Jora Goyal has 7 years of experience in the field of Nuclear medicine & Molecular Imaging. She has a huge experience in gamma imaging in the field of nuclear cardiology, nuclear neurology, nuclear nephro urology, nuclear gastro enterology, nuclear endocrinology and nuclear skeletal scintigraphy. She has a vast experience in oncological and non oncological applications of PET CT and has worked with various tracers like FDG, NaF, FDOPA, Ammonia, 68 Ga DOTANOC, 68 GA PSMA and 68 Ga Bisphosphonate.

She also has a rich experience in treating hundreds of patients with radio nuclide therapy (radioiodine therapy, Lutetium 177 PRRT, I-131 MIBG therapy and bone pain palliation). She was also actively involved in radio-synovectomies. She has received her research training under the de Hevsey awardee Dr Abass Alavi who introduced FDG PET to the world and has numerous national and international  publications to her credit.