As per GOI’s circular on price-capping of stents by NPPA(National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority), new prices of coronary stents have been implemented effective 14th February, 2017. For details on stent pricing, across our hospitals. CLICK HERE

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Dr. Madhu Nahar Roy

Dr. Madhu Nahar Roy, M.D. (Internal Medicine)

20+ Years Of Experience

Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine and Head, Preventive Health Check Up Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur

Internal Medicine

Preventive Health Check

OPD Schedule - +91 141 254 7000

M.D. (Internal Medicine)

Dr. Madhu Nahar Roy is Senior Consultant, Internal Medicine at Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur. She has a vast experience of 20 years of practice in Internal Medicine. Her core practice involves Critical Care management and management of infectious disease cases. She maintains her interest in preventive health check up and currently heads the Department of Prevention Health Check-ups at Fortis Escorts Hospital. She has been involved in various teaching assignments and publications. She has also been awarded M. Chena Reddy gold medal for best paper presented in RAJ APICON in 1994.