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Doctor Profile

Dr. Pankaj Aneja

Dr. Pankaj Aneja, MD

27+ Years Of Experience

Senior Consultant Fortis Hospital, Shalimar Bagh


Diabetes and Metabolic disorders

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Dr. Pankaj Aneja, a 27 year post MD in internal medicine form the prestigious Post-graduate Institute of Medical Sciences, Medical College, Rohtak has been in active consultancy for the past 25 years. His core areas of expertise cover the comprehensive management of diabetes and its related complications pertaining to kidney, heart, foot, neurological and sexual disorders. Besides being an expert in management of diabetes, thyroid, metabolic and lifestyle disorders he has ample experience in managing various medical disorders and emergencies varying from cardiac, respiratory, rheumatology, neurology and gastrointestinal disorders. Managing critically ill patients in intensive care units has been his passion.
Dr. Pankaj has been actively involved in organising continuing medical education for practicing doctors and health education to the general public at large.
Presently he is vice president of Cardio-Diabetes Research Society – a voluntary organisation for prevention of heart, diabetes and lifestyle disorders.