Doctor Profile

Dr. Rahman Ashok Zayed

Dr. Rahman Ashok Zayed, . M.S

20+ Years Of Experience

Consultant Fortis Hospital Anandapur, Kolkata

General and Laparoscopic Surgery

Gastrointestinal & Hepatobilliary Surgery

OPD Schedule - 033 6628 4444

  1. M.S (General Surgery)-1992
  2. MBBS-1986

Dr. Zayd Ashok Rahman is a Consultant Surgeon in General Surgery at Fortis. He has a rich experience of more than 20 years in his field

He is a renowned surgeon and visits a number of super specialty hospitals. He has an active interest in minimal invasive abdominal procedures and open procedures.

Dr Zayd is also a visiting faculty (Associate Professor) in VIMS (Vivekananda Institute of Medical Sciences)