Doctor Profile

Dr. Rajesh M. Chowdhury, FRCS

23+ Years Of Experience

Consultant - Fortis Medical Centre, Kolkata


OPD Schedule - 033 6620 2000, 8420626021

DOMS, MRC(Ophth), FRCS(Glas.), FELLOW in Oculoplasty, QVH

In his 23 years of experience, he has spend almost 12 years in UK. Along with general ophthalmology, he specializes in Oculoplasty managing patients with serious orbitofacial and orbitocranial trauma and tumours. He is specialized in performing phacoemulsification, oculoplasty, DCT, DCR, ball implants, and lacrimal surgeries. He also has experience in management of diabetic eye diseases and various types of glaucoma and squint.