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Doctor Profile

Dr. Shashank Shah

Dr. Shashank Shah, MS., FAIS; FICS; Honorary FMAS; Honorary FIAGES; Honorary FALS DLS (France)

22+ Years Of Experience

Obesity Surgeon Fortis Hospital, Mulund

Bariatric Surgery

OPD Schedule - +91 22 4365 4365

  • MS
  • FAIS
  • FICS
  • Honorary FMAS
  • Honorary FIAGES
  • Honorary FALS DLS (France)

Vast Experience of various general laparoscopy and bariatric procedures for over 22 years and one of the highest volume of bariatric surgeries in sleeve gastrectomy. He is Pioneer in Asia in sleeve gastrectomy. He is pioneer in research in surgery of type 2 diabetes. Featured in BBC news for operating on heaviest Asian Successfully (310 kg British -now "140 kg". Featured again in BBC for performing bariatric surgery on the youngest child in the world (7 1/2 yr old sagar weight 115 kg operated 6 years ago change into handsome tall boy now weight 45 kg). Limca book of world record for performing 45 hernias operated in just 10 hours. Director - Laparo Obeso Centre & Fortis Hospital Mulund.