Doctor Profile

Dr. Sona  Bhatia

Dr. Sona Bhatia, B.D.S

14+ Years Of Experience

Consultant Dental Surgeon Fortis Hospital, Mulund

Dentistry and Maxillo-Facial Surgery

OPD Schedule - +91 22 4365 4365

B.D.S ( Mumbai)

Dr. Sona Bhatia is Consultant Dental Surgeon at Fortis Hospital, Mulund. She has got further training into Cosmetic Dentistry. She does Smile Designing, Whitening of teeth. Dr. Bhatia practices rotary endodonticsand high end prosthetic dental work. Dr. Bhatia does implant dental surgeries and implant supported prosthetic work. Dr. Bhatia is also trained to do pediatric dental treatment apart from general dental treatment.