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Doctor Profile
Dr. Swati Gupta

Dr. Swati Gupta, MD

9+ Years Of Experience

Attending Consultant Fortis Hospital, Mohali

Paediatrics and Neonatology

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MD Paediatrics-2006

Dr Swati Gupta is a humble, skilled and hard working Pediatrician dedicated to her patients. She is a Gold Medalist in MD Pediatrics. She conducted successful peritoneal dialysis in newborn and also saved one child with severe penicillin induced anaphylaxis. She has three original independent research and paper presentations to her credit. She has worked for many community projects like Pulse Polio Immunization, School Health Programme, IMNCI, Flood Relief Camps, Cholera & Malaria Epidemic Relief Camps. She has also gained expertise in management of pediatric cardiac surgical patients in intensive care. She played a major role as a part of the team, in fruitful survival of the lowest weight baby in India who weighed 450 gm. She has excellent skills in various interventions like intubation, exchange transfusion, resuscitation, difficult venous access, chest tube insertion as well as in clinical assessment, counseling and management of both pediatric as well as newborn patients.
Designation: Consultant
Department/Specialty: Paediatrics

Languages spoken: English, Hindi, Punjabi & Guajarati
Total Years’ of Experience: 10 Years
Previous experience: Mid Career (7 years of service) of which 1 year in Cardiac Intensive Care.
• Attending Consultant at Fortis Hospital Mohali since June 2013.
• Clinical Associate at Fortis Hospital Mohali.
• Junior Consultant at Chaitanya hospital, Sec-44, Chandigarh.
• Consultant at Saket Hospital in Ambala Cantt.
• Senior Resident in Pediatric Cardiac ICU, at Fortis, Mohali.
• Senior Registrar at Beas Hospital, Beas (Amritsar).
• Senior Resident at Civil Hospital Baroda, Gujarat.
Medical Education, Certifications and fellowships/Research Papers: MBBS from SSG Hospital and Medical College Baroda (April 2003)
Diploma in Hospital Administration (NILEM, Chennai) (July 2002)
M.D.Pediatrics (Gold Medalist) S.S.G.Hospital & Medical College Baroda (June 2006)
PALS – Feb 2004
NALS – Dec 2004
Workshop on ICU Procedures in the Pedicon 2006
Workshop on Developmental Aberrations & Interventions in early Childhood in Pedicon2006
BALS - Dec 2008
Professional Memberships: Life Member of IAP
Life member of IAP-ID chapter
Clinical Interests/ Specialised Treatments /Area of Expertise: Quality Services, Parents’ Counseling, Behavioral Counseling
 High Risk Deliveries, Neonatal Resuscitation, Ambulance Calls
 Intubation & Ventilation, Difficult Venous Access, Chest Tube Insertion, Peritonealcentesis, Exchange Transfusion
 Handling difficult pediatric cases esp. Asthma, Cardiac cases
 Teaching, Community Social Activities
Awards & Honors: Dr Arvinda Nanalal Chokshi Gold Medal (2006),
Dr Narayan S Desai Gold Medal (2006),
Research and Publications: Conducted studies and presented papers of the following studies at the Mid-term Scientific Meet of IAP GSB:
1. “Comparison of Clinical & Laboratory Profile in Complicated Malaria in reference to (a) Quinine Vs Artemether and (b) Peripheral Blood Smear Vs Rapid Antigen Detection Test”
2. “Outcomes in placements for Adoption & role of Pediatricians” and
3. “Resurgence of Diphtheria: Predictors of Outcome & role of ADS”
Presentations at IAP meetings
 Pleuropulmonary Blastoma
 Penicillin Induced Anaphylaxis
 Spontaneous Pneumomediastinum
Medical Breakthroughs/ Interesting Case Studies: There were many challenging cases for which she had worked hard and played a major role in their management and intact outcomes. Few of them are:
1. As a part of team with Dr.Sunil Agrawal transported and saved 450gm baby (lowest in India),
2. Saved three 25 weeker babies and many 28 weeker with intact neurodevelopment
3. Was a pioneer in establishing peritoneal dialysis in two LBW newborns
4. Inserted chest tube in a 24 weeker 400gms baby
5. Expertise in PICC line insertion in VLBWs
6. Independently diagnosed many rare cases like Rubinstein Taybi Syndrome, Dubowitz Syndrome, Hallermann Streiff Syndrome, Baller Gerold Syndrome, Townes Brocks Syndrome etc.
7. Saved 3yr old with severe Acute Severe exacerbation of Asthma with pneumomediastinum
8. Saved 6yr old with penicillin induced anaphylaxis