As per the GOI circular on price capping of Orthopaedic Knee implant by NPPA(National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority), new prices of knee implants have been implemented effective 16th August 2017. For details on knee implant pricing across our hospitals. CLICK HERE | As per GOI’s circular dated 12th February 2018 on price-capping of stents by NPPA(National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority), new prices of coronary stents have been implemented effective 13th February 2018 across our hospitals. For details on stent pricing.CLICK HERE

Critical Care

Our critical care team provides a full spectrum of medical, cardiac, surgical and trauma critical care services to the patients. The ICU's unique design enables the nursing staff and physicians to have a full view of virtually all patients at all times. Each of the 66 beds has the current technology to monitor patient's vital signs on a continual basis. All invasive and minor surgical procedures are done at the bed side. Bedside facilities such as dialysis, bronchoscopy, endoscopy, echocardiography, ultrasonography etc. are available. Trained intensivists are present in the ICU round the clock.

Critical Care – Medical Procedures

Hematocrit test

Hematocrit test — Overview covers definition, results of a test to measure red blood cell concentration.

Hemoglobin test

Hemoglobin test — Overview covers definition, preparation, results of this blood test.

Prothrombin time test

Prothrombin time — Comprehensive overview covers results, what to expect from this liver function test.
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