Paediatrics and Neonatology

The Department of Paediatrics and Neonatology offers the following services: • Caters to the needs of children from birth till 16 years of age. • State of the art Level III NICU and Paediatrics ICU. • Well trained doctors specializing in managing pulmonary, renal, gastrointestinal, hepatic and endocrinal diseases. • Paediatric cardiac programme, headed by qualified & experienced paediatric cardiologist paediatric cardiac surgeon for expert child care. • Genetic counselling and diagnosis. • Art therapy for the patients under the Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences for better healing.

Paediatrics and Neonatology – Medical Procedures

Dental exam for children

Dental exam for children — Overview covers preparation and what to expect during pediatric dental exams.
All Medical Procedures