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Gastroenterology / Hepatobilliary Sciences

The Digestive Care Department at Fortis Hospital, Cunningham Road offers services in the field of medical and surgical gastroenterology. The department provides a full range of gastro intestinal (GI) procedures.
The Digestive Care Department performs surgeries using minimal access techniques to facilitate faster recovery, avoid complications and ensure easier post-surgical follow-ups. The hospital is a leader in laparoscopic and endoscopic surgeries. Equipped with computer assisted video navigational tools, state-of-the-art facilities in endoscope technology and high precision hand instruments, the Centre performs a spectrum of …

• Endoscopic Sclerotherapy
• Endoscopic Banding
• Esophageal / Pyloric / Duodenal dilatation
• Endoscopic Retrograde
• Endoscopic Treatment Of Bleeding In GI Ulcers, Varices, Polyps
• Flexible Sigmoidoscopy
• Foreign Body Removal
• Fundoplication
• Foregut surgery (Esophageal/Gastric)
• Gastroscopy / Endoscopy
• Glue Injection of Fundal Varices
• Gynaecological Procedures
- Ovarian Cystectomy
- Lap Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy
- Orchidopexy
- Minimally Invasive Video-Assisted Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery
• Gastric Surgery
• Hernia Surgery
• Hepatobiliary Surgery
• Lower GI-Scopy (Colonoscopy)
• Lap Oncologic Surgery
• Laparoscopy for Acute Abdomen/Abdominal Trauma
• Laparoscopic Removal of Common Bile Duct Stones
• Mechanical Lithotripsy of Biliary Stones
• Minimally Invasive Video Assisted Thyroid and Parathyroid Surgery
• Neck Surgery
• Oesophageal Metal Stenting
• Obesity Surgery
- Laparoscopic Gastric Plication
- Laparoscopic Gastric By-pass
- Sleeve Gastrostomy
- Duodenal Switch
• Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy
• Pancreatic Surgery
• Palliation of GI and hepatobilliary tumors (stents)
• Removal of CBD stones
• Sigmoidoscopy Polypectomy
• Sigmoidoscopic Balloon Dilatation
• Solid Organ Surgery
• Single Incision Laparoscopic Surgery
• Scarless, Axillary Endoscopic Thyroidectomy and Parathyroidectomy
• Splenectomy
• Therapeutic Endoscopy
• Ultrasound-guided Liver Biopsy
• Upper GI-Scopy (Gastroscopy)

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Gastroenterology / Hepatobilliary Sciences – Medical Procedures

Abdominal Ultrasound Scan Test

Abdominal ultrasound — Overview covers definition and results of this test to detect aortic aneurysm.

Barium enema

Barium enema — Overview covers definition, risks, results of this exam to detect colon disease.

Bilirubin test

Bilirubin test — Overview covers definition, results of this test for liver disease.

Capsule endoscopy

Capsule endoscopy — Overview covers definition, risks, results of swallowing a pill camera.


Colonoscopy — Overview covers definition, risks, results of this exam to detect colon disease.

Flexible sigmoidoscopy

Flexible sigmoidoscopy — Overview covers definition, risks, results of this exam to detect colon disease.

Liver transplant

Liver transplant — Overview covers definition, risks, results of liver transplant surgery.


Splenectomy — Overview covers definition, risks and results of this surgery to remove the spleen.

Tummy tuck

Tummy tuck — Overview covers how it's done, risks and results of this cosmetic procedure to change the appearance of your abdomen.

Virtual colonoscopy

Virtual colonoscopy — Find out how this colon cancer screening test differs from regular colonoscopy.