Dr. Raj  Kamal

Dr. Raj Kamal

Additional Director
Fortis Escorts Hospital, Amritsar Neuro & Spine Surgery

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Doctor’s Profile

Dr Raj Kamal is an acclaimed Neurosurgeon with a rich exprience of 23 years. He has received many awards in his career and has written a book on head injury and has various distinct publications.


  • 1. Dr Raj Kamal has authored a book on Head Surgery.

    2. Effect of Cranio Pharynryngioma Fluid on Femoral Vessel of Rat.

    3. Cerebral Medulloblastoma in a 65-year old Indian Male

    4. Spinal Dysrapihsm

    5. An Unusuall Case Of Dorsally Situated Bony Spur In Lumbor Split Cord Malformation

    6. Thallium

    7. Neuro Autological Aspects in Brain Stem Lesions - A Protective Study.


  • M.Ch (Neurosurgery)

  • 1 .Organising Secretatry Of The 12th Annual All India Neuro Surgeons Conference Of the North West Zone Held At Amritsar.

    2. Member Of All India Neuro Surgeon Association.

  • Received various awards at National And International Conferences.



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