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Unveiling a Rare Sino-Orbital Ossified Tumor

Unveiling a Rare Sino-Orbital Ossified Tumor

Treated by: Dr. Suchir Maitra
ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) | Fortis Hospital, Anandpur, Kolkata
Apr 19, 2024

In a remarkable surgical feat, Dr. Suchir Maitra and Dr. MN Bhattacharyya tackled a challenging case involving a 20-year-old Bangladeshi woman presenting with longstanding right eye swelling and deviation. A CT scan unveiled a formidable adversary—a large calcified lesion nestled within the right ethmoid and frontal sinuses, encroaching upon the orbit and pressing against the optic nerve (nerve of vision).

Under general anesthesia, the surgical team embarked on a meticulous excision of the tumor via an extended Lynch Howarth incision on the right side. With deft hands, they liberated the bony growth from its confines, revealing its origins on the roof of the orbit. Carefully navigating around delicate structures, the tumor was gently extracted and irregular bone surfaces meticulously polished.

Post-surgery, the eye seamlessly returned to its natural alignment, with normal range of movement and vision was fully restored. The patient's recovery was smooth and uneventful, marking a triumphant resolution to a complex case.

This extraordinary instance underscores the significance of collaborative expertise and surgical precision in conquering rare and challenging pathologies, restoring not just health, but hope, to those in need.

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Dr. Suchir Maitra
CONSULTANT ENT | Fortis Anandapur
  • ENT | ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat)
  • Date 15 Years
  • INR 1200

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Fortis Hospital Anandapur
Fortis Hospital, Anandpur, Kolkata 4.1

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