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Emergency & Critical Care Services
Supporting Vital Care when seconds count, saving lives together.
Implemented innovative technology for real-time monitoring of critical patients. Trained 500 healthcare professionals in advanced life support techniques. Implemented streamlined triage protocols, optimizing patient prioritization. Blood Bank | Lab | Nursing Excellence
Leading critical care with advanced interventions and life saving treatments.
Fortis has dedicated facilities to provide comprehensive care for trauma patients and others in need of emergency care. With our medical expertise in the key specialties of ORTHO, NEURO, CARDIAC and PLASTIC surgeries possess the competence to handle trauma cases. A well-equipped triage. A trauma emergency operation theater. A specialized ICU for trauma patients, where ill and poly trauma patients are attended in an integrated manner. An expert critical care of intensivist, Physician, Anesthesiologist, General, Orthopedic, Neurosurgeon and specially trained nursing staff physiotherapist team. Critical care ambulance. Day care ward. The hospital also has a “Code Blue” team comprising of Physician, Cardiologist, Anesthetist and a nurse on stand by to respond to all Emergencies 24*7. The hospital layout has a minimal distance between Emergency, Triage, OT and Cath Lab facilities for speedy handling of emergencies during the critical “Golden Hour” where time is essence.

Why Choose Us

  • 100+ ICU beds, skilled intensivists, and advanced ECMO support for exceptional critical care service
  • More than 37 years of clinical experience
  • Best in class medical services
  • State of the art medical technology
  • 24*7 well equipped Ambulance and Emergency Services
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