Dr. Anita  Sharma

Dr. Anita Sharma

Fortis La Femme, Greater Kailash Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation

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Dr. Anita Sharma has been passionately working with women for over 28 years providing information, support and solutions during pregnancy, labor and post birth issues. After graduating from Delhi university as a physical therapist she worked at the Cheltanham General Hospital, U.K. She has set up and managed five physiotherapy departments at various hospitals in South Delhi after returning to India. Her adult teaching and training skills which she acquired as a professor in sports physiotherapy at IGIPESS, Delhi University enables her to provide comfort to young couples during her Lamaze sessions. Her in depth knowledge of biomechanics and physiology of birth helps her to design preventive programs for women in areas of pelvic related disorders, incontinence and Orthopaedics. In order to complete the help she provides to a young mothers, Dr. Anita is certified as a lactation consultant by the International Board of Lactation Consultants. Her past experience of working in NICU's as a physical therapist helps her to work easily with premies and neonates. Along with the team at Fortis La Femme she has worked to set up the first Human Milk bank in Delhi. She has presented papers and case studies at national and international forums. Dr. Sharma has been covered several times by national television, daily newspapers and magazines on issues relating to women's health.


  •  Diploma in Physiotherapy 


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