Dr. Aruna  Bhave

Dr. Aruna Bhave

Fortis Hospital, Mulund Gastroenterology / Hepatobilliary Sciences

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Doctor’s Profile

Dr. Aruna Bhave is a senior and accomplished Gastroenterologist primarily practising in Thane, Mulund and Kalwa areas located in and around Mumbai. A specialist in Liver and Digestive diseases, Dr. Bhave’s centres of practice include , Fortis Hospital (Mulund) and with attachments to several other institutions as well.

Dr. Bhave, an alumnus of KEM Hospital & Seth G S Medical College (Mumbai), holds MBBS and MD (Medicine) from the given institution. Subsequent to post graduation, Dr. Bhave delved into teaching activities with LTMMC & LTMH (Sion) being one of her past teaching affiliations. Meanwhile in 1987, Dr. Bhave successfully completed Diplomate of the National Board of Medical Exams in Gastroenterology i.e DNB (Gastroenterology) which served as an add-on qualification. She furthermore honed her skills though overseas observership programs at centres like Miami, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia, all located in USA.

Dr. Bhave presently shoulders responsibilities as Honorary Professor at Rajiv Gandhi Medical College & CSMH since 1991. In her teaching capacity, Dr. Bhave not only trains under graduates and post graduates but also carries out substantial research work. With respect to clinical experience, Dr. Bhave possesses high level of expertise in diagnostic and therapeutic Endoscopies inclusive of Gastroscopies and Colonoscopies. She enjoys a strong record with respect to publications and presentations.



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