Dr. Debasish  Roy

Dr. Debasish Roy

Fortis Hospital Anandapur, Kolkata Internal Medicine

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Doctor’s Profile

Dr. Debashis Roy is a Consultant, Physician in the field of Internal medicine with 25 years of experience. His special Interest lies in Internal Medicine and Critical Care alogn with Stroke Medicine, Rheumatology and Parkinson’s Disease.

He also has the following certifications and courses:

CCT in Acute Medicine, from UK.

Certification STROKE THROMBOLYSIS Stafford University 2007.

Advanced Life support Training 2014 (UK).

Thoracic Ultrasound certification (James Cook Hospital UK). Critical Care Echocardiography Ealing Hospital Course.

Joint Injection and Ultrasound Course London UK March 2014

Airway Management Course - Approved by Royal College of Anesthetists at University Hospitals Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trusts,    



    Poster Presentation “Empiric use of Meropenem in febrile nuetropenia and strenotrophomonous  maltophilia bacteraemia” by  D Roy et al , conducted in New Cross Hospital and presented as a poster in INTERNATIONAL SEMINER OF FEBRILE NEUTROPENIA ,  Brussels in December 2003.

    Poster Presentation “Collapse of Unknown Cause”- A Common But Potentially Under-Investigated Secondary Care Presentation. Adams S Fernando KA Roy D etal presented in The Society for Acute Medicine International Conference, Glasgow 1 & 2 October 2007


    Post-graduate MD Thesis was “A comparative study of Q Wave and Non Q Wave myocardial infection with respect to clinical, biochemical and electrocardiographic parameters” which was accepted by the University of Ranchi in 1996.

    Case report :Group B streptococcus tricuspid endocarditis presenting with arthralgia in a postpartum woman: a case report

    Paul Vincent, Russell Davis, Debashis Roy

    Journal of Medical Case Reports 2012, 6:242 (14 August 2012)

    BMJ  Journal  Reviewer from 2010 onwards

  • MD, MRCP (UK), FRCP (Glasgow)

  • He is a professional Member of IMA Behala Branch Kolkata, Society of Acute Medicine UK and General Medical Council UK.


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