Dr. Manit  Arora

Dr. Manit Arora

Fortis Hospital, Mohali Bone and Joint

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Doctor’s Profile

Dr Arora is an Australian orthopaedic and sports medicine surgeon with a special interest in shoulder, hip and knee key hole surgery. He has done his basic and advanced medical training from Australia and Fellowships with world leaders in shoulder, hip and knee surgery in Australia and USA. He currently serves as Chair of the ISKSAA Research Committee, Board Member for AOFAS and SICOT, and is an Associate Lecturer at the University of New England and University of Queensland Australia.

His areas of expertise include:

Shoulder key hole surgery/Shoulder arthroscopy

Shoulder Replacements

Knee hey hole surgery/ligament surgery/Knee arthroscopy

Hip Arthroscopy

Sports Injuries



    Leader in Clinical and Translational Orthopedic and Sports Medicine Research

    Pioneered Research into burnout in Australia and India

    Over 50 publications in international peer-reviewed Journals.

    Chair, ISKSAA Research Committee

    Committee Member, SICOT Research and Innovation Committee

    Board Member, American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society Awards and Scholarships Committee



  • MS Ortho, MS Sports Med (Australia)






  • Gold Medallist PG Orthopaedics

    ISAKOS International Sports Medicine Fellow 2016

    Deand Award for Medicine

    Hazzel Morris Award for Medicine

    APOA Young Ambassador 2014

    Torrent National Champion 2015

    ISAKOS Teaching Center Scholar 2016

    Royal College of Canada International Resident Leadership Award 2017

    UNE Young Distinguished Alumni Award 2016

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