Dr. Manoj  Kumar Goel

Dr. Manoj Kumar Goel

Director & Unit Head
Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram Pulmonology / Chest & Sleep Medicine

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Doctor’s Profile

Dr. Manoj Kumar Goel is one of the eminent Pulmonologists and Critical Care Specialists, having rich experience of latest treatment of respiratory diseases like Asthma, COPD, Bronchitis, Chronic Cough, Respiratory Allergy and Infections, Interstitial Lung Disease, Lung Fibrosis, Environmental disorders. Not only is he well versed with most modern procedures in Pulmonology but also excels in Advanced Therapeutic Pulmonary Interventions to treat blocked airways. Dr. Goel is also an expert in Sleep Medicine.


  • Research Experience : 

    Reversible clubbing in a case of Koch's spine.  Ind J Tub 1994; 41:177-179.

    A case of bilateral pulmonary hydatid cysts. Ind J Chest Dis & All Sci 1994; 36:163-166.

    Microfilaria in bronchial aspirate. Ind J Chest Dis & All Sci 1994; 36:223-225.

    A rare presentation of Lung Cancer. Ind J Tub. 1995: 42: 231-232.

    A case of uncommon lung hernia. Ind J Tub 1996: 43: 101-102.

    Importance of Prebronchoscopic sputum, bronchial aspirate and post bronchoscopic sputum specimens in diagnosis of lung tumours. Lung India 1996: 14:7-9.

    Association of tuberculosis &leprosy : Case reports. Lung India 1996: 14:42-44.

    A rare presentation of SLE. Ind J Chest Dis & All Sci; 1996; 38:119-122.

    Flexible fibreoptic bronchoscopy without fluoroscopic guidance in diagnosis of peripheral lung tumours. Lung India 1996; 14:161-164.

    A case of Disseminated Actinomycosis. Lung India 1996; 14:172-174.

    Miliary tuberculosis with Brain tuberculomas : A rare presentation. Ind J Tub 1997; 44 : 87-89.

    HIV seropositivity in hospitalized pulmonary tuberculosis patients in Delhi. Ind J Tub 1997; 44:1720.

    An uncommon case of Multiple Pulmonary Aspergillomas. Ind J Tub, 1997; 44 : 141-143.

    Endoscopically visible bronchial carcinoma with fiberoptic bronchoscopy. Ind J Tub 1993: 40:161-162.

    Identification of Mycobacterium tuberculosis by Polymerase Chain Reaction In clinical specimens. Ind J Tub 1998: 45:15-18.

    Three reserve regimens of tuberculosis in management of Drug Resistent Tuberculosis :

    Early results. Ind J Chest Dis & All Sci 1995; 37:184.

    Optimizing CPAP, The Indian Journal of Sleep Medicine 2006;1.4, 189-195

    Beyond CPAP in OSA, The Indian Journal of Sleep Medicine 2007; 2.1, 15-20

     A rare presentation of aspergillus infection as empyema thoracis. Lung India 2010; 27:  27-9.

    Kimura Disease: A rare cause for Pleural Effusion. Clinical Pulmonary Medicine 2011;

    18: 253-5.

    An unusual case of pleural based tumor with life threatening post-operative complication.

    Indian J of Critical Care Medicine 2012;16:48-51

  • MBBS, MD (TB & Chest, Respiratory Diseases)

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