Dr. Sana  Rubiyana

Dr. Sana Rubiyana

Fortis La Femme, Richmond Town Mental Health And Behavioural Sciences

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Doctor’s Profile

Sana Rubiyana, Counselling Psychologist at Fortis La femme Hospital Bangalore. Specialized in Rational Emotive Cognitions Behavior Therapy from in IN VIVO center of RECBT Mumbai affiliated with Albert Ellis University, New York. She completed a BA in Psychology from Jain University and an MSc in Psychology from the Indian Institute of Psychology and Research, Bangalore. Sana Rubiyana is qualified and trained extensively in psychological assessments, counseling, and Psychotherapies. Her previous field experience has been with special needs schools such as the Spastic Society of Karnataka, Bethany Special Needs School, Manasa Neuropsychiatry Hospital, and ABA Effective Services: providing ABA therapy for an individual with autism in Bangalore.   Her interest lies in counseling clients with various psychological distresses like anxiety, stress, anger, depression, mood disturbances, personality disorders, relationship issues and marital stress, Postpartum depression, and conditions in which Behavioral Modification is required.


  • BA - Psychology, MSc - Psychology


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