Dr. Shubha  Madhusudhan

Dr. Shubha Madhusudhan

Fortis Hospital, Bannerghatta Road Mental Health And Behavioural Sciences

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Doctor’s Profile

Dr. Shubha Madhusudhan comes with over two decades of experience in providing clinical services in health and social care. She is an excellent speaker and seasoned corporate trainer. With a unique blend of empathy and therapeutic approach, she unravels the patient’s complex psychological disorders, to bring back patients from total desperation to normal life.

Dr. Shubha Madhusudhan is an expert in Psychometry. She is a green belt in six sigma, quality tool for organizations. She is also trained in Neuro-Psychiatry assessment. She has a fellowship in cardiac rehabilitation from apollo hospital. She received her Ph.D from Bangalore University.

Interest and Expertise:

Clinical Psychology

Health Psychology

Social Psychology

Child Psychology

Adolescent Counselling

Critical care


  • PhD - Psychology, Fellowship in Cardiac Rehabilitation


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