Ms. Shamantha  K

Ms. Shamantha K

Fortis Hospital, Cunningham Road Mental Health And Behavioural Sciences

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Doctor’s Profile

Ms. Shamantha has experience in the field of Mental Health as a Counseling Psychologist. She is keen to learn new things related to the field, is enthusiastic and hard working. She is also an avid motorcyclist. 

Work Experience 

Ms. Shamantha has with her an experience of about two years. She has interned in various organisations like Cadabams and Manasa Neuropsychiatric Hospital, Bangalore and VIMHANS, New Delhi. She also undertook a Field Project with AWAKE Foundation on Women Entrepreneurs in various parts of Karnataka.



Ms. Shamantha has a Master's degree in Clinical Psychology from Amity University, Gurgaon. She completed her Bachelor's from Bishop Cotton Women's Christian College, Bangalore.

Area of Expertise 

Ms. Shamantha's area of expertise lies in dealing with people who are struggling with psychological issues such as anxiety and other mental health conditions such as Anxiety, Depression and Personality difficulties as well as Social issues such as Family and Career stressors along with other Mental Health conditions. She also deals with individuals facing interpersonal relationships. Another interest is the area of Health Psychology. 


  • MS (Psychology)


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