Dr. Sanjeev  Chawla

Dr. Sanjeev Chawla

Senior consultant
Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad ENT/ Otorhinolaryngology

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Doctor’s Profile

Dr. Sanjeev Chawla is Sr. Consultant Department of ENT at Fortis Escorts Hospital, Faridabad. Dr. Chawla has Over 10 years of experience in the field of ENT. He also has various research papers and publications to his credit. Besides routine E.N.T surgeries, his expertise is in performing complex surgeries like Partial Subtotal Thyroidectomies, Trans canal under malleus Myringoplasty, Sublingual and Submental dermoid excision, Submandibular gland excision & plunging ranula excision. He has Received Training for snoring evaluation & management of Singapore General Hospital. 



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