Routine antenatal care in Pregnancy

So, the 2 lines on the pregnancy rest finally appear….. You are pregnant; congratulations and welcome to the antenatal journey.

It is a good idea to consult a gynecologist as soon as you miss your period and not wait till 3 months are over, as believed earlier, because certain precautions as detailed by her can prevent miscarriages, if they are not inevitable.
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Cesarean Section With Eisenmenger Syndrome

Primi gravida 21 years of age with twin pregnancy of 33 weeks with Eisenmenger syndrome was operated under combined spinal epidural on 22/8/17 by Dr Shallu Kakkar, Additional Director OBGYN La Femme, and Jaipur.
Patient was diagnosed as heart disease at 2 month of age. Patient took treatment at Shah Jahanpur till 1 year of age. She was ASYMPTOMATIC till 5 months of her pregnancy, when she was diagnosed again- Pregnancy with heart disease (Eisenmenger’s syndrome). Continue Reading