Cesarean Section With Eisenmenger Syndrome

Primi gravida 21 years of age with twin pregnancy of 33 weeks with Eisenmenger syndrome was operated under combined spinal epidural on 22/8/17 by Dr Shallu Kakkar, Additional Director OBGYN La Femme, and Jaipur.
Patient was diagnosed as heart disease at 2 month of age. Patient took treatment at Shah Jahanpur till 1 year of age. She was ASYMPTOMATIC till 5 months of her pregnancy, when she was diagnosed again- Pregnancy with heart disease (Eisenmenger’s syndrome). Continue Reading

Pregnancy with SLE (Systemic Lupus Erythematosus)

Mrs ABC, G2L0 was admitted in La Femme on 29-06-2017 for elective LSCS under Dr Ritu Joshi. She was a known case of SLE (diagnosed in I pregnancy). During her first pregnancy at 22 weeks, the level II sonography showed foetal bradycardia with heart block (FHR 42 b/min). She was then thoroughly investigated and was diagnosed as SLE. She underwent induction of labour after in utero demise of foetus. Continue Reading