What To Pack In The Labor Bag?

Get your labor bags ready . Babies may arrive any time after 37 weeks. A handy list has been put together by our well known Doula and Lamaze instructor Dr Anita Sharma(P.T.) . Checkout and avoid any last minute miss outs

  • Medical file
  • comfortable clothing
  • socks
  • stole/shawl/robe
  • slippers
  • face towels/wet tissues
  • cold water sprays
  • birth balls
  • thick sanitary towels incase they are not provided by the hospital
  • basic toiletries
  • lip balm
  • cologne/mist/fragrance for yourself
  • candies/chocolates/tit bits that you crave for
  • juice/coconut water/nimbu pani /sachets of tang or ice teas

For the feel good factor list is as per your need to choose from

  • personal pillows
  • massage oils/massagers
  • room fragrance
  • homeopathic remedies
  • music
  • books/tablets/laptops
  • games-cards/scrabble/chess
  • pictures/idols

Advisable to have the first set of babies clothes including a diaper and swaddle in your labor bag
too .

But remember the Labor bag is an overnighter unlike the hospital bag which is a suitcase.

Dr Anita Sharma(P.T.)
Doula,Lamaze childbirth educator,
IBCLC,Women’s health physical therapist.

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