Dr. Atul  Luthra

Dr. Atul Luthra

Additional Director
Fortis Memorial Research Institute, Gurugram Diabetes And Endocrinology

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Doctor’s Profile

Dr. Luthra is an excellent teacher, a dedicated researcher, a gifted orator and a prolific writer. He has delivered several guest-lectures under the aegis of prestigious state-level and national medical conferences and has several articles to his credit published in peer reviewed medical journals. Dr. Luthra has the honour of being the sole author of four highly appreciated books. ECG made Easy and ECHO made Easy are very popular among medical students clinicians, are internationally acclaimed and are available both in English and Spanish languages. You Your Heart and You Your Blood Pressure are meant to educate the general public patients and these have been appreciated reviewed in the popular national magazine, India Today. Dr. Atul Luthra, Senior Consultant Physician, is a graduate post-graduate from the reputed Amritsar Medical College as well as Diplomate of the National Board of Medicine.




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