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    Fortis offers best-in-class healthcare services for everyone in the family at every stage of their Health – Preventive health Checks, expert advice and treatment through doctor consults and timely access in times of an emergency.

    Special Offers*
    Senior Citizen
    Cardiac Patients
    • Preventive Health
    • 25 Comprehensive Tests @ Rs. 4499 for Men Rs. 4999 for Women
    • 19 Comprehensive Tests @ Rs. 4000 Only
    • 19 Comprehensive Tests @ Rs. 5000 Only
    • 16 Comprehensive Tests @ Rs. 3999 Only
    • Doctor
    • 50% discount on all OPD consultations
    • Emergency
    • Free Ambulance pick-up up to 5 km. radius of select Fortis Hospitals
    • Free Ambulance pick-up up to 5 km. radius of select Fortis Hospitals
    • Free Ambulance pick-up up to 5 km. radius of select Fortis Hospitals
    • Free Ambulance pick-up up to 5 km. radius of select Fortis Hospitals

    Start the Process Today!

    Build the wall of prevention between diseases and your loved ones. So, walk into the nearest Fortis Hospital and take the first step towards staying healthy.

    A Preventive Check is better than

    • Preventive health checks help detecting diseases at an early stage to avoid future health issues.

    • Preventive healthcare is an investment or personal insurance. You should take advantage of any preventive benefits that your insurance company offers.

    • Research all over the globe has proven that it is more economical to invest in annual Preventive Health Checkup rather than going to a hospital in case of an emergency.

    • Preventive health checkup is a specially designed package that includes all essential tests which you might require.

    Preventive Health Check Packages

    The detail 4 Preventive Health Packages, that we will be promoted:

    Investigations Sr. Citizen Cardiac Well Women Executive
    Rates 4499 3999 4000 5000
    Blood Group and Abo
    Complete Haemogram
    FBS & PPBS
    Liver Function Tests
    Electrlytes Calcium & Phosphorus
    Uric Acid
    T3, T4 & TSH Only TSH Only TSH Only TSH
    Stool Routine
    Urine Analysis Complete
    Urine Routine
    Chest X-Ray
    PSA (men)
    Pap Smear (women)
    ECHO Screening
    Lipid Profile
    Mammograph (only women)
    USG - Abdomen & Pelvis
    Consultation with Physician
    Consultation with Ophthalmologist
    Consultation with Dietician
    Consultation with Physiotherapist
    Consultation with Surgeon / Gynaecologist
    Consultation with Cardiologist
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    Expert Advice through Doctor Consultations

    Fortis Healthcare – the second largest private network of hospitals with more than 30 hospitals offers best-in-class treatment by our panel of 5000+ eminent doctors. Our doctors embrace cutting-edge technology and advanced medical equipment to provide the best treatment to the patients.

    cherish every moment of your golden years

    50% off on Doctor Consultation for Senior Citizens*

    World – Class Ambulance Service at no cost!

    An emergency can strike anytime. Save the emergency no. of the nearest Fortis Hospital on your phone and ensure you’re prepared to handle any medical emergency.

    Fortis Healthcare provides timely emergency services with our panel of trained paramedic doctors and ambulances with the best technology. Avail of free ambulance services by Fortis.

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