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Best Hernia Surgery Hospital - Fortis Hospital Ludhiana

The department of general surgery or Gastroenterology deals with the hernia surgeries and its management. Hernia is a condition where a person's contents of the body cavity protrude out from where they were contained normally. Hernia can be further categorized into the following types:
•Inguinal Hernia
•Ventral hernias
•Hiatal hernias
•Incisional hernias
•Umbilical hernia
•Femoral hernia
•Spigelian hernia
•Epigastric hernia
•Obturator hernia
•Diaphragmatic hernia
The team of surgeons specializes in treating all types of hernia with utmost precision and quality care. The department also offers diagnostic services by physical examination or CT (CAT) scan for accurate assessment of the type of hernia. Fortis provides all the latest and advanced techniques to perform hernia surgeries. This surgery can either be performed as a Open Surgical Repair and or as a Laparoscopic Surgery. The skilled approach of the team advises the best treatment options for the patients according to their condition. The team ensures a proper post-operative quality care to the patient by keeping the patient under continuous monitoring until complete recovery. The department also makes sure about delivering the medications to the patient on time and providing every possible support required for a speedy recovery.



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