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The Department of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences at Fortis Healthcare is an integrated mental health care system providing clinical evaluation and treatment services for a broad range of emotional, cognitive, and behavioral disorders for patients of all ages and cultural backgrounds. Led byDr. Samir Parikh, Fortis National Mental Health Program is one of the largest mental health care programs in the private sector.Our team comprises of psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, counseling psychologists, psychoanalytic psychotherapists, art therapists, special educators and occupational therapists.

At the Department of Mental Health and Behavioral Sciences, it is our endeavor to create an environment that promotes hope and trust among our clients, their families, and the community. The team aspires to improve the emotional and psychological well-being of the patients by providing effective, integrated mental health services with compassion, dignity and respect.

Our Vision:

  • Establishing Mental Health as a priority for all
  • Providing accessible and cost-effective mental healthcare services for all
  • Working towards prevention and early intervention of mental health concerns
  • Fostering greater awareness, understanding and empathy for mental illness through community outreach
  • Increasing the presence of mental health services across schools and organizations
  • Training students and professionals in the field of mental health

Clinical Services:

  • Pharmacological interventions
  • Geriatric psychiatry
  • De-addiction
  • Psychotherapy
  • Psychoanalytical therapy
  • Marital therapy
  • Child psychiatry and counselling
  • Adolescent well-being
  • Grief counselling
  • Psycho-oncology
  • Sport psychology
  • Art therapy
  • Occupational Therapy

Special Programs:

Fortis School Mental Health Program

The Fortis School Mental Health Program works extensively in collaboration with the school community across the country. The program is geared towards generating awareness and promoting positive mental health and well-being for all, through webinars, seminars and interactive sessions with students, teachers and parents. All initiatives under the Fortis School Mental Health Program are free of cost The program consists of the following initiatives:

The Fortis Prosocial Peer Moderator Program is a one of its kind application based life-skills initiative for adolescents, aimed at building a community of prosocial peers to promote healthy and adaptive behaviours within schools.
In the recent years, prosocial peer moderator workshops have been conducted on :-

  • Aggression Management
  • Gender Sensitisation
  • Media Literacy
  • Risk Behaviour Management
  • Study and Exam Skills
  • Caring for the Environment
Bully to Buddy is a special initiative under the pro social peer moderator program. We run a 100 day anti bullying campaign within schools wherein we train students to form anti bullying squads within their schools to create awareness around bullying and its impact on school children.
The Fortis School Counsellor Forum is as an avenue for school counsellors and teachers to enhance their knowledge and skills around mental health and The Mental Health Curriculum in association with Macmillan Education is a structured classroom intervention to support and promote mental health through training for teachers. It is aimed at increasing awareness, providing a vocabulary, and helping to decode the ways in which mental health issues can manifest and further be prevented from occurrence within the classroom.
Fortis Psych-ED is India’s biggest psychology quiz for schools. Each year, schools from across the country participate in teams of three to take the quiz. The quiz is a unique initiative to encourage young minds to have fun while learning while at the same time, build awareness and bring sensitivity and positivity to the discourse around mental health.

Fortis Young Mental Health Advocacy Program

The Fortis Young Mental Health Advocacy Program is an annual, youth driven campaign with the objective of raising mental health awareness, through media. The program comprises young people from the age of 15 – 21 from across the country working together to advocate for the cause of mental health. Additionally, the program also provides the advocates with exposure to applications of mental health through master classes with mentors and experts from various fields like media, policy making, sports, entertainment and healthcare to name a few.

Fortis Workplace Mental Health Program

The FortisWorkplace Mental Health Program, emphasizes on providing comprehensive solutions to enhance the mental health and well-being of employees within an organization. With a vision to create a culture that promoteswork life balance and improves mental health outcomes, we design and conduct interventions at the individual and organizational level. These include one on one counselling sessions, psychiatry consults, tailor made webinars and seminars along with 12 hour crisis intervention chat support. Information pertaining to the Fortis Workplace Mental Health Program can be acquired by contacting at +918588807193.

Fortis Sport Psychology Program

The Fortis Sport Psychology Program combines clinical and sport psychological expertise, to create a holistic intervention plan that addresses the needs of individual players with cognizance of team dynamics. We believe in a complete mental conditioning program that affects true change and inspires mental toughness, with a twin focus on performance enhancement and athlete mental health. Our psychological interventions are designed to strengthen players’ ability to cope with performance pressures, build emotional resilience, optimize focus and enhance self- discipline, confidence and motivation. Our group sessions focus on team building, developing a strong sense of connectedness and mapping a vision the future.

Academic Section:

Bharat Panchal Dialogues

The Bharat Panchal Dialogues is the Annual Psychology Conference at Fortis Healthcare. It is a series of panel discussionswith mental health experts of diverse backgrounds discussing themes relating to various aspects of psychology, mental health and well-being. This annual conference also gives an opportunity to young researchers to showcase their research work and are awarded the Bharat Panchal Award for Excellence in Psychological Research.

Internship for School students

As part of Fortis School Mental Health Initiative, we organize an online Summer Internship in Psychology annually. A 6 day internship, this program helps school students of grade 11th and 12th understand the basics of psychology and its applications in a hospital setting

Internship for College students

A 15 day academic internship in clinical psychology is organised annually each summer for college students pursuing psychology. The internship comprises of a range of topics and themes spanning the discipline of clinical psychology and its application in the hospital setting. Students learn about the major schools of psychotherapies used in mental health practice along with an insight in contemporary areas related to mental health.

Art Therapy Course

The Art Therapy Program is a comprehensive and dynamic program accredited by Counseil International De La Danse (UNESCO-CID). It promotes creativity, encourages critical thinking, and engages psychological theories and perspectives to understand the efficacy of arts-based therapy in clinical practice. The course explores four therapeutic art modalities – visual art, writing, storytelling and dance-movement, carried out through techniques to understand the evidence based therapeutic value of the arts. This 150-hour course also features guest faculties and includes supervised application-based internships.

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