As per GOI Notification No. 03/2022 - Central Tax (Rate), GST of 5% is applicable* on all room charges exceeding Rs. 5000 per day (with the exception of ICU), for receiving treatment within our hospitals. (*On all discharges starting 18th July, 2022)

Paediatrics Endocrinology

The Department of Paediatric Endocrinology specializes to deal with various types of disorders of the endocrine glands, such as variations in physical growth and sexual development in childhood and diabetes. Paediatric Endocrinologists treat multiple disorders including Thyroid carcinoma/tumors, Hypopituitarism, Hyperthyroidism, Hypothyroidism, Turner syndrome, Type 1 and 2 diabetes, as well other Adrenal Gland disorders, Ambiguous genitalia, Klinefelter syndrome, Thyroid cancer issues, childhood Obesity, Pituitary disorders, Parathyroid issues, Bone and mineral issues, Lipid disorders, Prader-Willi syndrome and multiple others. The team is highly experienced in managing such problems in adolescents as well as children and hence, provide personalized care and effective treatment plan for every patient. The advanced knowledge and skill of the specialists at Fortis help in providing the patients with the early detection, accurate assessment, laboratory testing and medical management of the disease. The team also educates the family members about how to manage the problem of the patient at home.



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