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An Informative session for CGPA members - Are you Winter Ready?

DATE28th November 2019 - 28th November 2019

An informative session by Dt Sonia Gandhi, Head - Department of  Nutrition and Dietetics, was held at Fortis Hospital Mohali for the members of Central Govt Pensioners Association. Over 45 members attended the session. She enlightened the audience on how to remain fit during winters through diet.

Dt Sonia said that It is always important for the seniors to maintain a healthy diet but in the winters it becomes all the more crucial. Cold and flu season is hard on everyone but older people are much more vulnerable to life-threatening diseases. Good nutrition helps boost the immune system, which makes the elders less likely to fall ill and more likely to recover faster if illness does strike. She advised the elders that eating well can improve mental acuteness, energy levels, and resistance to illness. Choosing healthy fats found in seeds, nuts, avocados, fatty fish, and vegetable oils rather than saturated fats and trans fats, drinking lots of water, using  calcium supplements, indulging in yoga, meditation etc. will help them leading a  healthy life.  Many queries followed after the talk which Dt Sonia clarified satisfactorily.


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