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An Informative Session on 'Diabetes & Diet'

DATE13th November 2019 - 13th November 2019

An informative session on ‘Diabetes & Diet’ was held for the members of Mohali Senior Citizens Association at Fortis Hospital, Mohali. More than 80 members attended the session. Dr. Sachin Mittal, Consultant – Diabetes & Endocrinology was the speaker for this session. Dr. Mittal shared valuable information on Diabetes Type, Symptoms, Causes, Preventive Measures and the role of diet in its successful management.

He added, that Diabetes could further cause Heart Diseases, Stroke and even the need to remove a Limb! Overweight/Obese people, people with a family history of Diabetes, Physically Inactive, Hypertensive or High Cholesterol patients are at a higher risk and are more prone to developing diabetes.

The treatment of Diabetes depends on its type and severity. Physical activity, and Nutritionist advised Diet leads to weight control making life easier, for both Diabetics and Pre-Diabetics. People should monitor their glucose level and take medicine, if prescribed. The audience was all praise for this highly interactive and informative session.

After the talk, the association members showed their gratitude by presenting a bouquet to Dr. Sachin Mittal.



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