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FHM organizes an informative talk on Stroke Management for CGPA Members

DATE18th December 2019 - 18th December 2019

An informative session on ‘Stroke Management' was organized for the members of Central Govt. Pensioners Association at Fortis Hospital, Mohali. Dr. Amit Shankar Singh, Consultant – Neurology, presented the talk and Dr. Gurbir Singh, Director - Medical Operations, was the Chief Guest on the occasion. He interacted with the audience & encouraged them to develop a positive attitude towards the ageing process by learning to accept the changes in our bodies and developing a feeling of self-worth. CGPA members also honored Mr. Yogesh Joshi, Head - Sales & Marketing for his persistent support & services.

Speaking on the topic, Dr. Amit Shankar shared valuable information on Brain Stroke, its symptoms, causes and preventive measures. Citing Brain Stroke as one of the biggest health hazards and the third leading cause of death, he said that a Stroke is caused by the blockage of blood flow or by the rupturing of an artery to the brain. He cited sudden tingling, weakness, or paralysis on one side of the body or difficulty with balance, speaking, swallowing, or vision as the warning signs of a Stroke. ‘FAST’ is an easy term to recognize the symptoms of Stroke. Dr. Amit Shankar also stressed upon the fact that people at risk must regulate their blood pressure and cholesterol levels avoiding tobacco in any form. The talk attended by over 95 members, was well appreciated by the audience.

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