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Fortis in association with TOI organized health talks for school teachers from Tricity

DATE26th September 2019 - 26th September 2019

Fortis Hospital, Mohali in association with TOI organized 'Times Teachers Meet' today. Over 50 teachers attended the meet. Dr. Atul Joshi, Director- Breast, Endocrine, General & Laparoscopic Surgery presented a very informative session on ‘Understanding Breast Cancer’. He shared a valuable information on  breast cancer, its symptoms, causes and preventive measures. Emphasizing on the early detection and treatment of cancer, Dr Joshi said that the earlier a cancer is diagnosed and treated, the better the chance of its being cured. He stressed upon the importance of routine self- exam or other screening measures before the symptoms become serious and adopting a healthy lifestyle.

The 2nd speaker, Dr. H.S Mann, Additional Director- Neurology spoke on ‘Headache- What all you should know?’ He shared a valuable information on headaches, types of headaches, symptoms, headache inducing factors and its management. Dr Mann informed the audience that a headache can occur in any part of the head, on both sides of the head, or in just one location. It can be a sign of stress or emotional distress, or it can result from a medical disorder, such as migraine or high blood pressure, anxiety, or depression. Sometimes headaches are caused by some serious medical conditions like brain tumor, blood clots bleeding in or around the brain, stroke etc. People with chronic migraine headaches, find it hard to attend work or school regularly. He further advised the audience that if a headache is more painful and disruptive than previous headaches, worsens, or fails to improve with medication or is accompanied by other symptoms such as confusion, fever, sensory changes, and stiffness in the neck, a doctor should be contacted immediately.


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