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Hepatitis awareness drive by Fortis hospital Ludhiana

DATE22nd July 2019 - 28th July 2019

On world hepatitis day Fortis hospital Ludhiana started an awareness drive in which Dr. Nitin Behl, Additional Director, Institute Of Gastro And Liver Diseases, Fortis Hospital, Ludhiana. Conducting health’s talk at various locations where He provide information about-

Know. Prevent. Test. Treat. Eliminate Hepatitis.

Are you at risk?

Get tested! Early testing means early treatment to prevent illness and to save your life.

Are you protected?

Hepatitis B and C are preventable. Every injection should be safe. Hepatitis B vaccine provides lifelong protection. Hepatitis B and C can be transmitted by sex, therefore protect yourself by using condoms.

Be strong: get treated or cured from hepatitis. If you tested positive, ask whether you need treatment - do not delay.

Living with hepatitis B?

Some people will need treatment and can stay healthy with life-long therapy.

Living with hepatitis C?

3-month treatment can cure the infection.

As a part of this drive talk was conducted at CT University Ludhiana. Where students were given information about all the cause, preventions and what actions are required to not get infected.

Another talk was given at lord Mahavir Homeopathic College Ludhiana and at Cremica food industries ltd. He Also conducted health talk with doctors & medical staff at Fortis Hospital, Ludhiana to provide broader prospective and treatment, possibilities and areas to target for ending it for the greater good.


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