As per the GOI circular on price capping of Orthopaedic Knee implant by NPPA(National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority), new prices of knee implants have been implemented effective 16th August 2017. For details on knee implant pricing across our hospitals. CLICK HERE | As per GOI’s circular dated 02nd April 2018 on price-capping of stents by NPPA(National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority), new prices of coronary stents are revised with effect from 01st April, 2018. For details on stent pricing.CLICK HERE
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Paediatric Oncology

Some malignancies are seen more often in childhood. Bone tumors, Lymphoma, Leukemia and some abdominal malignancies are one of them. Fortis hospital is providing comprehensive care to all subsites of childhood cancer.

Recognizing the special needs of children with cancer, the hospital has designated areas for Pediatric patients. In the outpatient area there is a special clinic for children manned by Pediatric Nurses. There is a dedicated team of experts in the field of Pediatric Oncology. Most of the pediatric patients are afraid of needle sticks. We deal with this problem by placement of central vascular access devices like …