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The department of Neuro spine surgery at Fortis Hospitals comprises a team of the best spine surgeons in Noida. Our team of neurosurgeons is skilled in delivering world-class services in the assessment, diagnosis, treatment, and rehabilitation of all spine disorders. Our team of spine surgeons in the Noida branch is well supported with high-tech surgical infrastructure, including high end operating microscopes, specialized spine implants and capabilities to perform minimally invasive procedures. The team is highly experienced in managing all types of spine and back related problems such as spinal stenosis, disc pain, degenerative disc disease, herniated discs with the utmost care focusing on patient safety and comfort. Spine specialists at Fortis, Noida are well versed with the latest technologies to offer sophisticated care to their patients. Complex procedures such as traumatic spine fractures, complex deformity correction are performed with great precision by our team of neurosurgeons in Noida.

The team of spine specialists at Fortis, Noida works closely with other specialities, including primary care physicians, Internal medicine, and physiotherapists. This collaboration helps ascertain the best treatment option for the patients. The team collaborates with the Physiotherapists for other services such as massage therapy, acupuncture and chiropractic care, which helps in relieving the pain of the patient to a great extent.

Team of renowned neuro surgeons in the Noida branch endeavors to enable the patients suffering from spine and back related problems, live a good quality of life.

FAQ Section:

Q1. What is the difference between a bulging disc, slipped disc, a herniated disc, and a ruptured disc?

All four of the above-mentioned cases occur when discs become weak over time, and some part of the disc sticks out between the bony parts of the patient's vertebra.

Q2. When can I start walking again after my spine surgery?

A patient would be able to stand and can try to walk after 2-3 days of the surgery, once all the catheters are removed. However, the decision to walk primarily depends on the assessment of the patient’s condition by the doctor.

Q3. Will my health insurance cover expenses for spine surgery?

Most Spine surgery- care treatments are covered under health insurance. However, be sure to check with your insurance provider if a specific treatment or surgery is covered under your policy.

Q4. Will I need physiotherapy after my spine surgery?

Most patients are advised to go for physiotherapy for some time after the surgery. Physiotherapy is recommended to regain the strength and movement lost during the disability period before the surgery.


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