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Ist Successful Cochlear Implant for 1 Year old at Fortis Ludhiana

Fortis Hospital, Ludhiana, successfully operated upon and gave a new lease of life to one-year old Chakshit Bansal, who was hearing and speech impaired since birth. The family of the child went from pillar to post for an entire year before approaching Fortis Ludhiana for treatment of the congenital disorder of the child. Dr Rajat Bhatia, Consultant, ENT, evaluated the child and decided to do Cochlear implant surgery, the first of its kind across the chain of Fortis Hospitals in North. The surgery was conducted at Fortis Ludhiana on 21st July. The surgery was successful and the child is recovering well and was discharged the very next day on 22nd July 2017. The implant was checked intra operatively and was found to be functional and normal.

Since a hearing impaired child eventually also becomes speech impaired, hence once the hearing is restored the child also needs to undergo speech rehabilitation to lead a normal life. Mr. Vivan Singh Gill, Facility Director, congratulated Dr Rajat Bhatia for successful surgery and the family.

Dr Rajat Bhatia further advised that whenever parents come across any unusual symptoms in their children, they should not be ignored and a specialist should be consulted immediately. If the disorder is detected early, then treatment is easier and so is rehabilitation. Government of India guidelines now suggest screening of all newborns and children up to 1 year of age for any kind of hearing defects that might be present by birth. The parents of the child were extremely delighted and happy with the approach and treatment that they received at Fortis Ludhiana.

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