Miraculous Escape of a Premature Baby Girl

It is often said that miracles take place on the earth, and the miraculous escape of Preeti Sachdeva’s newborn daughter, Dorothy, stands testament to the same. The baby was born through C-section on August 12, 2017 at 24 weeks of pregnancy (4 months before the expected delivery date) and weighed only 670 grams at birth. Her lungs were very immature, for which the ventilator support had to be started right from the delivery room. Thereafter, the baby was shifted to the Level 3 NICU of Fortis Hospital, Mohali. She required respiratory support for nearly 9 weeks before she could breathe on her own.

The baby was under the care of Dr. Sunil Kumar Agrawal, Consultant, Neonatology. At 24 weeks most of her organs were not formed properly. She had to be started on intravenous nutrition for 10 days before she could digest a significant amount of breast milk. Gradually, the condition of the baby improved and was discharged after 75 days of hospital stay.

At the time of discharge, she weighed 1.4 kg. The baby was neurologically normal, accepting spoon feeds well, and her hearing & vision was normal. Most importantly, she had been blessed with the potential for a normal long-term neurological development.

We wish baby Dorothy the best of health and happiness!

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