ENT Doctors in Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur

Dr. Baljeet  Singh …

Dr. Baljeet Singh …

Senior consultant
Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur

Dr. Mohan  Kulhari

Dr. Mohan Kulhari

Senior consultant
Fortis Escorts Hospital, Jaipur

The department of ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat) at Fortis hospital comprises a team of doctors, led by the best ENT doctor in Jaipur. The team specializes in the diagnosis and management of head and neck related diseases and offers comprehensive care to the patients. Our team has the deep understanding of various complex disorders and provides preventive measures, medical treatment, and surgery, to offer the best possible treatment options to each individual.

The ENT specialist in Jaipur is specialized in a wide range of regular as well as emergency services including complex head & neck surgeries, and treatment of all ENT conditions in patients of all age groups. The team is highly skilled in performing skull base surgeries, ear and cochlear implants, and endoscopic nasal surgeries with extreme perfection. The team has helped the department to attain the position of one of the most advanced and refined ENT centres across India.

At Fortis, our team believes in the principle of “prevention is better than cure” and hence advises the patients to get routine check-ups done periodically to diagnose any problem at an early stage. Our best ent dr in Jaipur follows the best practices to provide the highest standard of treatment to the patients.

Some of the services offered by our experts are as mentioned:

Our team of ent doctors in Jaipur Fortis also works closely in collaboration with other specialties while managing cases such as congenital disorders, facial deformities that may occur during childbirth, cleft palate and lip, and speech pathologies. The team strives to achieve complete patient satisfaction by offering best in class treatment with the help of finest equipment and modern technology.

FAQ Section:

Q1. Does the ENT specialist at Fortis Hospital treat children?

Yes, all the ENT specialists are highly qualified in treatment and surgery of the nose, throat, ear and related structures of the head and neck for patients of all ages.

Q2. When should we consult an ENT doctor?

If any person or the family member is suffering from a problem that involves throat, nose, and ear, and which causes an extreme level of dysfunction or discomfort, then the patient should consult an ENT specialist.

Q3. Why do children suffer from earaches?

Earaches may happen due to various reasons. About 80% of children experience an ear infection before 5 years of age. A detailed examination by an ENT doctor can help diagnose accurately the exact problem and if there is a need for intervention, if there is a need for an intervention, then the ENT doctor can prescribe the best and safe treatment options.


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