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A fall comes as blessing; timely surgery saves the day

Date : February 25, 2015

Hi-tech brain surgery is revolutionising the way lives are saved and Fortis doctors are in the forefront in embracing this trend. In a high-precision surgery, neurosurgeons at the hospital used their advanced skills and computer-assisted medical technology to remove a mid-sized tumour inside the brain of a 75-year-old patient from Bellary.
The surgery to remove the tumour was a complex and challenging one, as the part of the brain that was involved is associated with reasoning, movement, auditory stimuli, memory and speech and surgeons were able to successfully remove the tumour without damaging the surrounding nerves and tissues. Computer assisted neuro-navigation technology was used in the procedure.


If not for a fall on the road that Venkateshulu, a senior citizen from Bellary suffered while riding his scooter, the growth inside his brain would probably have not been discovered. The elderly man had just gotten out when he felt dizzy and fell on the road sustaining minor injuries on his head, ears and face.

“We took him for first aid to a local hospital and as he was bleeding from the ear, we consulted an ENT specialist. There, we were advised to get a CT scan done to rule out any serious brain injury. We were in for a shock when the investigations showed a tumour inside the brain. My father was asked to consult a noted neurologist in Bellary, who confirmed it to be a brain tumour and adviced to undergo surgery. Following which he referred to Dr Satish S, a noted Neuro Surgeon at Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore,” says Venkateshulu’s son Chakravarthy.

Venkateshulu’s family brought him to Fortis Hospitals, where detailed investigations showed that the elderly patient was suffering from a Meningioma located almost near the front part of the brain (left fronto-temporal lobe) and measuring around 5 centimetres. Meningiomas are tumours that develop from the membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord called meninges. Most meningiomas are non-cancerous.

“The patient came to us after a CT scan following a minor accident had detected a brain tumour. It was discovered incidentally and the patient did not otherwise have any tell tale signs or symptoms. Only when we examined him thoroughly, it was found that the patient had weakness on the right side of his body and had a weak hand grip. Owing to his age, his family was reluctant about the operation but we counseled them and advised that if not removed, the tumour could pose a risk to his life,” explained Dr Satish S, Consultant Neurosurgeon at Fortis Hospitals.

Brain surgery is often a matter of dread and anxiety for patients and their family. But this is changing, as advanced medical technology, state-of-the art equipment and the highly improved skills and expertise of doctors helps tackle the most complex of brain disorders – in a safe and effective way.


Dr Satish S and his team performed craniotomy and microneurosurgical excision using computer-assisted neuro navigation technique. This allows navigating inside the skull with the help of specialised computers that process the scans of the brain, including the affected part and converts them to three dimensional images. It also consists of an infra red dual camera system that tracks the surgeon’s instruments during surgery and displays their position. In case of a tumour, the doctor is able to pinpoint the exact location of the growth and excise it with utmost precision reducing the harm to normal nerves and tissues nearby.

“Safe and effective procedures are of prime importance and we use advanced techniques such as neuro navigation, wherein the tool guides the doctor to the exact location of the tumour in real time, so the damage to nearby tissues and nerves is minimal, there is less trauma and quicker recovery,” added Dr Satish S.

Even though they were initially hesitant, Venkateshulu’s family is glad that they decided to go ahead with the surgery. “My father has made a quick recovery and is doing really well now,” adds Chakravarthy.

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