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Intravascular Ultrasound for Complex Angioplasties – Case of Mr Bhikaji Walunj

Date : February 24, 2016

Mr Bhikaji Walunj, a 75yr old from Raigad District was presented with symptoms of severe breathlessness and chest pain even on mild exertion. Identifying the symptoms, his family Physician advised medication as initial treatment. However, medicines provided no relief; Walunj was advised to undergo Coronary Angiography, which revealed severe blockages in the main arteries, including left main which is a very critical area. With this revelation, he was referred to a bypass surgeon, who sensed that surgery would be very highrisk as he had multiple problems related to Lungs and blockages in arteries leading to the brain.

Angioplasty of all arteries was the most viable option for the patient. “Such Angioplasties, where patients face multiple complications, are extremely high-risk and most doctors avoid performing those. However, high-tech facilities like Intravascular Ultrasound (IVUS) available at Fortis Hospital, Vashi, help conduct such complicated procedures with ease,” said Dr Rahul Gupta, Senior Cardiologist at Fortis Hospital, Vashi, who performed the procedure for the patient.

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