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Brain dead youth in PGI gives gift of life to two kidney failure patients in Fortis Mohali

Date : May 14, 2016

Concerted campaigns by the government, medical fraternity and various non-governmental organisations (NGOs) to encourage organ donations have started showing results as more and more grieving families of brain dead people are coming forward to donate bodies or specific organs like heart, eyes, lungs, liver, kidney, etc of the deceased person.

Two kidney failure patients at Fortis Hospital Mohali were the beneficiaries of one such donation from the body of a brain dead youth at the PGI Chandigarh on Saturday.

The 35 year old male, who was the victim of a road accident, will live on in the hearts of the people to whom he has donated his kidneys. His family has contributed to the noble cause of donating organs and gifting life. The National Organ Tissue and Transplant Organisation had allotted the kidneys of this person to Fortis Hospital Mohali. The whole process would not have been possible without the assistance provided by the Regional Organ Tissue Transplant Organization. Both kidneys of the brain dead youth, a resident of Panchkula in Haryana, whose body was donated to PGI by his family, were offered to Fortis Hopital Mohali by the PGI authorities as the blood group of the brain dead youth matched those of two patients awaiting kidney transplant in Fortis.

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