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Neo Bladder Reconstruction at Fortis Hospitals gives patients new lease of life

Date : August 19, 2016

Mr. Muhim Naskar and Mr. Aloke Kumar Lahiri come from two completely different backgrounds, living in two parts of the city and had a different perspective towards life until a few years back. Now they have come to a crossroad in life from where they begin their journey together. Few years’ back both of them came to Fortis Hospitals and Kidney Institute and had their bladder artificially reconstructed at the hospital. FHKI has been a centre for Uro-Oncology since the year 2000 and has successfully operated more than 5000 patients. Meet Dr. R.K. Gopala Krishna, Senior Consultant Urologist, FHKI, who has been at the nerve centre of this reconstruction giving new lease of life to the people with failed bladder.

In Neo Bladder reconstruction, the bladder is replaced with a surgically created Bladder made from a section of patient’s bowel and reconnected to the urethra, with the aim of collecting urine in an internal reservoir. The cancerous bladder is removed and a section of patient’s small intestine is isolated and reshaped. This section of intestine becomes the neo-bladder. The surgery is both cost effective and body friendly as the patient does not need to carry an additional pouch and can lead a normal life post surgery.

‘In suitable patients neo-bladder has been very useful and allows the patient to lead a normal life without any extra fitting and appliances on their body. We have been doing state of the art surgeries, when it comes to bladder cancer, after the bladder is removed we have reconstructed a neo-bladder’. said, Dr. R.K. Gopala Krishna, Senior Consultant Urologist, FHKI.

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