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Computer-Assisted Total Knee Replacement Surgery helps 52-year-old to walk again

Date : February 27, 2015

For 52-year-old Geetha, who hails from Mysore, the excruciating pain from both her knee joints coupled with obesity problems and hypothyroidism had severely compromised her quality of life. As someone who could not cover the distance from the bed to the bathroom without assistance and would be awake all night owing to the incessant joint pain, the total knee replacement procedure has come as a lifesaver.

“For more than three years, I was forced to bear this trauma, which kept getting worse over time. We consulted many doctors in Mysore and every time I would be prescribed some medicines. There would be relief for a brief period and then the pain would come back with more intensity. Over the years, the dosage of the medications kept getting stronger but there was no improvement in my condition. I cannot describe in words how my life had become a living hell because of this problem. I could not walk, had difficulty getting up after sitting down, could not cook in the kitchen for my family and could not take part in any activity,” says Geetha.

Some time ago, the patient and her family consulted three doctors who advised her that surgery was the best option for her. But no one had the skill or facility to conduct a knee replacement on her because of weight issues. Finally, she heard about Fortis Hospitals’ joint replacement programme and decided to consult doctors there.

“The patient was suffering from severe osteoarthritis in both knee joints when she came to us. She was in a lot of pain and was not able to walk independently. We advised her to undergo total knee replacement of both knee joints, as medicines would not help her in any way. But the procedure was a major challenge as the patient was very obese and also had hypothyroidism. It was a high risk surgery as patients can have complications because of their weight. So we performed a highly- complex computer assisted total knee replacement,” informed Dr. J V Srinivas, Director of department of orthopedics at Fortis Hospitals, Bangalore, who headed the team that operated on Geetha.

Advanced technology in orthopaedic surgery coupled with expert surgical skills has turned out to be a boon to patients suffering with chronic joint problems. Doctors at Fortis Hospitals have always been in the forefront in adopting a high-tech approach and Computer Assisted Orthopaedic Surgery (CAOS), also called Navigation, has made life easier for hundreds of osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and joint injury patients. The advantage of this technology is accuracy during surgery and gives the benefit of comfort and flexibility to the patient.

“Computer navigated knee replacement surgery allows the surgeon to make more accurate cuts and to place the artificial knee more precisely, virtually eliminating alignment errors. The entire surgical process can be followed on the computer screen,” explained Dr Srinivas.

The procedure was done in two sittings with the knee replacement being performed on both knees with a gap of two days. The patient has made a remarkable recovery and is able to walk and sit without any difficulty.

“I feel like a new person and I am able to do all my work without any discomfort. The pain in the knee joints has disappeared and this has given me a lot of relief,” says Geetha.

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