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Mumbai’s Readiness to Tackle a Heart Attack, Revealed!

Date : September 26, 2016

Charged with the insights shared by the in-house Cardiologists, who explained that about 60% of patients that they screened, displayed atypical symptoms before they had finally sought their opinion. This alarming revelation prompted teams at Fortis Hospital, Mulund, Vashi, Kalyan and SL Raheja Mahim, to reach out to Mumbaikar’s, aiming to understand if they could spot the symptoms of a heart attack and tackle one till medical aid arrived.

Important findings of the study:

I. Overall:

  • Of the 62% respondents who stated awareness about specific symptoms of a Heart Attack, 68% lacked awareness about radiating pain in jaw, arms, shoulders, abdomen & back and 85% lacked awareness about nausea associated Epigastric (upper abdominal) pain – important symptoms of a Heart Attack.
  • Upon being identified as a Heart Attack, 89% respondents believed that calling an ambulance was the 1st point of action

II. Gender distribution:

  • With the respondents profile of 76% male and 24% female, it was observed that females at 70% as against males at 59% had higher awareness about the symptoms of Heart Attack

III. Age:

  • 15% respondents in the age group of 45+ incorrectly stated that paralysis (12%) was a specific symptom of Heart Attack.
  • Awareness of symptoms was weakest amongst the young respondents (18-25yrs) with least importance given to radiating pain in jaw, arms, shoulders, abdomen and back at 27%

IV. Symptom awareness:

  • Top 3 generic symptoms of Heart Attack were earmarked at - Breathlessness (57%), Chest Pain (74%) and Sweating (60%).
  • 85% respondents did not believe pain in jaw, arms, shoulders, abdomen and back was a specific symptom of a Heart Attack, aided recall revealed that it was believed to be an indicator of acidity.
  • Of the 38% respondents who stated that they are not aware of the symptoms, with aided recall 63% stated generic symptoms

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